guess what i got for xmas/"pre-engagement" present from my boyfriend!!!

  1. hi girls!!! so usually i'm on the bbag forum, but i *DO* have one bottega - an ebano montaigne that's absolutely gorgeous. anyway, i totally adore bottega bags but can't usually swallow the price. i drooled over the ferro sloane for ages, but i was told it was sold out, so i kept my hopes/savings up for a noce new pyramid, which is similar in style but seemed less bulky than the sloane. i wanted a ferro pyramid, but they didn't have one in ferro, and i like noce better than nero. anyway, i joked to my boyfriend about six months ago that if he ever wanted to propose to me, he would have to do it with a bag and not a ring!! he said he didn't like that idea because the point of the engagement ring is to tell all the OTHER guys that you're taken... but i'm always on tPF and the bottega veneta website, and i pointed out the noce pyramid to my boyfriend... sly hints sometimes work, right? well, anyway, my boyfriend was busy yesterday and today on errands for a "secret" mission to "arrange" my christmas present.... he said it was also a pre-engagement present... he said he had planned 3 parts to our engagement - part I was something he had already done for me to show how much he loved me, part II would also be my christmas gift and to show me that he was serious about being with me long-term, and part III would be the actual proposal. i asked him if part III was going to be a ring. he paused and said, "well, or it could be a bag, since you wanted an engagement bag." so i figured that part II couldn't be a bag, and started guessing what it could be. i was guessing everything from electronics to something he had made himself. he said i would have to wait until christmas and wouldn't give me any hints. but then today i came home after a long day with my girlfriends and he had a big grin on his face and said we didn't have to wait, i could open my present today. he made me close my eyes while he got it out... sorry this is so long, girls, i'm just so excited! and now... for the unveiling...
  2. BlueGenes- can't wait for the unveiling. your boyfriend sounds great.
  3. it's a FERRO SLOANE!!! i thought they were completely sold out, too. i am in a state of shock. i thought at best, i would get a noce pyramid - and that was at the wild reach that my boyfriend had managed to save up the money for a bottega at all. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. What a sweetie! He is something special. Congratulations to you!
  5. beautiful bag, congrats,
  6. Yeah!!! Ferro sloane is so gorgeous, and I'm so glad you got this elusive bag!
  7. Congrats on your pre-engagement and your gorgeous sloane! :yahoo::woohoo::yahoo: :heart: Your BF is a keeper! :flowers:
  8. I saw the ferro sloan in BV store last week and it's gorgeous. Many congratulations!! Your BF is very sweet.
  9. Your bf is definitely more precious than the bag, which is itself a stunner. Congrats!
  10. What a sweetie, hope you said yes! Many congrats on the bag and the engagement.
  11. Congrats on the engagement! Enjoy your Ferro bag! It's a beauty!
  12. hi bluegenes, congratulations on both the engagement and the ferro slone! your boyfriend is so sweet. please post action pics!
  13. Congratulations on your engagement! And enjoy your beautiful new bag! It's even more special since your bf got for you as a surprise! It proves he listens...good quality in a man! :
  14. Awwwww! You've def got yaself a keeper there, bluegenes! A guy who would go through all the trouble to search out a Ferro Sloane just to make you happy is pretty decent in my books!

    Congrats on a GORGEOUS bag, and the upcoming actual engagement! :drinkup:
  15. Many Congrats on your engagement and that ferro sloane is TDF!