Guess what I got for my birthday!!

  1. Marc Jacobs black patent mouse shoes! I´m so excited, I love them, they´re so cute:love: My boyfriend got them for me, this makes me appreciate him even more:girlsigh: Here´s a pic of me wearing them. They´re much shinier irl.
    Kuva 314.jpg
  2. :heart: LOVE!!!:heart:
  3. Thanks! I :heart: your dog!
  4. They are very cute. Patent is big for fall as well. Happy birthday to you too.
  5. Happy birthday and congrats, they are just perfect!
  6. Thanks girls! It´s actually my b-day on the 26th but we are flying to Bulgaria on the 25th so he figured I´d want them now..and he was right :biggrin:
  7. Wanna trade??? LOL!!! I'm so just kidding!! hee-hee! (she's the love of my life and I'm so going to hell for that):lol:
  8. :roflmfao:
  9. they're so cute and fabulous! and also, happy birthday!
  10. Cute!!!
  11. Nola, you lucky dog! Your mice are adorable! Super-cute with the skinnie jeans and the toe cleavage, too!
  12. cute!!
  13. OMG, those are so cute and you are one lucky gal...enjoy!
  14. Thanks girls, I will :biggrin:
  15. Congrats!

    I have the same exact shoes and love them....

    I swear, we're like MJ twins - us with the shoes and the Veruka totes!