Guess what I got for my birthday from my DBF!!!

  1. Can you guess?
    DSC02565.JPG DSC02566.JPG DSC02567.JPG
  2. Cant wait to see!
  3. MiniLin Speedy or Damier Azur Speedy?!?
  4. A speedy?
  5. lockit:confused1:
  6. show us! :popcorn:
  7. A MINI LIN SPEEDY!!!!!! I've been dying for one forever and I finally got one from my BF =)
  8. nice, congrats!
  9. Happy Birthday and a big Congrats!! I love Mini Lin even though I don't own any pieces yet. Enjoy your new LV :smile:
  10. Congrats & Happy Birthday!!
  11. Nice! Happy b-day!
  12. It's beautiful! What a wonderful BF!
  13. Yay I love the mini lin speedy in ebene! I just got that exact day a few days ago and I love it to death.
  14. Nice...nice BF too!:tup:
  15. congrats! you have a sweet BF!!