guess what i got for my b-day ???

  1. i"ll give u a hint .. it comes in a brown box ! :smile:

    yesterday was my 28th b-day and my husband surprised me by taking me and a bunch of friends to a hibachi rest. I have been wanting to go to one for awhile now. So when I got home earlier in the day , I immed. asked " where is my present" and he keeps telling me ..." later at the restaurant". When he walked in w/ the brown bag .. My jaw dropped. I of course like all of you , am an avid LV collector .. however my DH is a purse hating DH!! In the 10 yrs we have been together he has never bought me a purse. Wallets, shoes , jewelry -- yes .. Anything from LV .. no. He thinks its overrated to spend that much money .. he compares it to headers on his car!!! Can you believe it! Men!!!

    Anyways .. i got the neverfull MM .. I've been wanting this bag. I bought the beverly XL a few weeks ago and returned it in hopes of getting the neverfull , the neverfull seems less bulky. I was shocked that he went inside the LV store and actually bought this bag. So of course all my firends are like " let me see".and my SIL says " it's like giveing a crack head crack " . I guess thats how happy i was! And the waitresses are like " ohhh LV" . I had my damier nolita with me , so the waitress says u give me ur nolita , we call it even" .. meaning I didnt have to pay the bill. So I turn around and say " If we made that deal , you'd be owing me money! : LOL. It was the best b-day ever!!! I had great food and a carvel ice cream cake.. my fav!! and I got an LV .. and had a lot of fun. What most impressed me was my husband . :nuts::heart::yahoo::tup::wlae:
  2. Congrats and Happy B-day !!
  3. Congrats!!! show us the pictures when its ready!:drool:
  4. Happy Birthday, sounds like it was a good one!
  5. Congrats on your new neverfull....Happy Birthday
  6. That's THE BEST B-day! Congrats!!
  7. Congrats!
    Happy birthday:nuts:
  8. Aww! You're so lucky!! (But our DH's think alike-thinking it's over rated!) Congrautlations!!
  9. Congrats, so nice whena so or dh is thoughtfull and surprises you , makes it even more special. How sweet, tell him we all aprove lol
  10. Congrats & happy birthday!
  11. Congrats and Happy Birthday!
    That was very sweet of your hubby!
  12. congrats & happy belated birthday
  13. congrats.
  14. congrats!
  15. Congrats!!!!