Guess what I got for free today @ Chanel Saks? (PICS!!!)

  1. I went into Saks BH today to pick up my 38mm J12 w/ diam. bezel and my SA told me to use the $450 EGC (that I got for my watch purchase) toward the silver Cotton Club tote, and I did!

    I ended up only paying $1305 plus tax for the CC tote!! (I also applied for a Saks credit card today so I could get 10% off all my purchase today):yahoo:

    I then qualified for another $300 gift card for the CC tote purse purchase (plus some other non-Chanel items) and so I used the$300 GC to get the pearl pin and earrings (they totaled up to $349, so I ALMOST got them for free :p )

    I wasn't suppose to get "so many" gift cards but there was this wonderful and sweet older man that just thought he could let me "slide" :graucho:
    pin&earrings.jpg j12.jpg me.jpg all.jpg
  2. OMG, that's really a shopping spree with some free $$ right there! Love the J12 a lot!!!
  3. I love all your goodies oreocat. What a haul. Congrats!
  4. I love all your new Chanel goodies. I have the exact same pin too. Now I need to get that matching earrings. Congratulation.
  5. Not fair! I want everything you have ;-( Congrats you got a really good deal!
  6. wow, awesome purchases and a nice free gift!
    What a super nice sales person! You should go to him for more purchases, he might just hook you up with exclusives and hard to get of hand bags!!
  7. wow! Nice haul. I LOOOOOOVE the J12! I think im going to put my $300 GC towards a cotton club tote in that color or bronze!
  8. everything you got is TDF!!! majorly drooling here
  9. wow, that's great!!!
    congratz on ur purchases!love everything!!!lol
  10. wowwww!! LOVE everything!!
  11. wow. you've got some great puchases over there. congrats!
  12. wow, congrats and love the freebies too.
  13. wow, nice stuff! :smile: and what a nice SA!
  14. love the tote!! good job haha :smile:
  15. Wow! That's awesome :smile: They're all so busy.