Guess what i got! (and questions about it)

  1. I GOT A BLACK WEEKENDER!!!!!!!!!!! YAY ME! I'm so so so excited, after much deliberation i decided to go for either the 08 electric blue or the black weekender, so while my mum was in london on monday i asked her to go to harrods (i'm in sydney which is why i didn't go myself) and get me one of the 08 blues. when she got there (an hour after they opened) almost the eintire 08 collection had been COMPLETELY SOLD OUT!!!!:wtf: but they had one black weekender left so i got it YAY YAY YAY YAY!!:yahoo:

    I;m so unbelievably excited and i can't wait for her to get home so i can go and get it off her.

    But question, I haven't seen one in really life yet (of the weekenders) because they don't sell them anywhere near where i live and no one around here has one unless its some dodgy terrible fake but i love them through my computer screen everyday, and i was wondering
    a) how long does it take to break in the 07 leather because i was looking at this thread and i want my bag/leather to look like this beautiful masterpiece
    and b) how different will the leather be to this one after its been broken in because i dont know what the 07 leather is like only 05 and 06, but my mum says its incredibly soft and just collapses if not held up or stuffed

    what do you all think?

  2. i mean mum got there an hour after they had been released in the store and the entire collection (esp the new awesome colours) where completely sold out
  3. congrats! I'm sure the WE will break in beautifully. I have a 06 WE and even brand new it was really soft and smooshy!
  4. The more you carry it the faster it will break in. Congratulations, your Weekender sounds like a fabulous big black bag :yahoo:
  5. i hope so!!! i'm so excited about it one less thing on my wishlist :wlae: