Guess what I got and I didn't even fight Black Friday crowds?!


Sep 12, 2009
So my sweet hubby let me purchase a very lovely plum suede hobo off of the 'bay last week ;). This week I mentioned to him how I would love to have a british tan bleeker flap as a "twin" for my ink blue one I found online for my birthday. I expected a HUGE lecture, however he was so sweet and said, "if you find one you like, go ahead" Soooooo needless to say, I got a great steal (again on evil-bay) on a British Tan Bleeker Flap right before sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner:yahoo: I'm so excited and hope to see these lovelies when I get home from my sister-in-laws where we have been visiting.

Just needed to share. My bleeker flap has become one of my fave bags because everything stays so organized. I can't beleive I missed these when they made their debut 3 years ago!


Jun 18, 2010
Aww.. that's great! Glad to hear you have such a supportive husband. Congratulations :smile:
May 9, 2010
Bag twins on the british tan Bleeker flap! I LOVE that bag and it was my very first Coach ever. I have bought several Coach bags since my Bleeker and many have been sold to fund new ones but the Bleeker is staying forever!! Congrats!!