Guess what i found?

  1. You guys will never guess what I found at a discount store by the name of TJ MAXX. I counldn't believe my eyes when i saw it. But i saw this. And I had to get it for the price it was. It was only $80 I had to get it.This place doesn't always carry the new products its always like the season before line that they get. I was sooo happy :yahoo: :heart: :p :yahoo:
  2. Way to go! Congrats! That is adorable! :yes:
  3. Wow! I've never heard of someone finding a current style at TJ Maxx - way to go! Enjoy it!
  4. I love that one.
  5. Be right back, I am going to TJMaxx.
  6. Congrats, great deal.
  7. :wlae: Today must be a super great shopping day!!!
    Congrats!! That is a great deal!!
  8. What a great deal!
  9. Congrats! :yahoo:
    Its so perfect purchase.:wlae:
  10. Wow! $80 is a great price. Congrats.
  11. Wow, you are some great shopper. What a beautiful bag.
    Enjoy wearing it.:yes:
  12. Is everyone rushing off to their TJ Maxx first chance they get? :yes:

    The TJ's near me seem to get alot more Dooney than Coach (unless their employees scoop up all the Coach.) Last time I was there they had tons of the Dooney "It" bags and a bunch of Michael Koors. One tiny Coach bumble bee bag.
  13. me either...i wonder how the heck it ended up there?
  14. Congrats!
  15. NO WAY! I am at TJ weekly! I gotta check mine out!:wtf: