Guess what i found?

  1. You guys will never guess what I found at a discount store by the name of TJ MAXX. I counldn't believe my eyes when i saw it. But i saw this. And I had to get it for the price it was. It was only $80 I had to get it.This place doesn't always carry the new products its always like the season before line that they get. I was sooo happy :yahoo:
  2. Oh congrats..that's a great deal. I'm surprised TJMaxx had that already. I have a couple of TJs & Marshalls by me, I may have to check them out this weekend.
  3. That is such a great deal. Congrats and you are VERY lucky!!!!
  4. Only $80 :wtf: ...lucky girl!
  5. Wow that's such an awesome deal!! Congrats :smile:
  6. great deal.. I love tj maxx, its a great store!