Guess what I found!

  1. I decided to pull out my green Monogram Groom Zippy Organizer from it's sleeper in the closet. I decided I would use it in Europe (Leaving Tuesday morning) so I opened it up to stock it with travelers checks and credit cards.. and gues what I found! Almost 700.00 of American Express and Visa gift cards in the zippered pocket and a $120.00 in cash!! I'm guessing that the gift cards were from last Christmas and I forgot that I had them.. LOL! So, I suggest that you look through all of your bags and wallets that you haven't used in a while to see if you happen to have any forgotten treasure.

  2. wow now that's a nice find haha! *looks in his closet*
  3. I love when that happens! It pays to have more than just one wallet.:p
  4. Geez, lucky you! I found $20 in the pocket of my Framboise Houston awhile back but that's as good as it gets.
  5. whoa!!~ i love when i find money i forgot i had. too bad im so broke i have no money to stash away and find later. T_T
  6. look what I just found:nuts:


  7. LOL! Shut up. =P
  8. C.R.E.A.M.!!!!
  9. i found a dollar once in a bookbag i hadnt used in like three years. yay for me. lmao
  10. :nuts::cursing: i wish i could stick my hand into the computer screen, take the money and run!!!~ :boxing:
  11. pure serendipity!
  12. I found like 1500 once in a POCKET of a coat I hadn't worn in like 2 years, haha I went out shopping that day ;)
  13. no way....dang i'm seeing too many 100.
  14. That is cool! I love when I find money like that!
  15. Hahaha! That's happened to me. I found $700 in cash in one of my wallets! I love it!