Guess what I found today in TJ maxx...

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  1. I went today to TJ Maxx and I was walking around the bags and suddenly I saw the legacy lining!!!!! So I turned my head immediately and it was the legacy lining inside a Legacy bag for $250.00, the one that everybody found there that is like canvas and light green...
    I was very excited but then I saw the big ink stain in the top of the bag around the zipper, like blood! I took the bag to the front and the lady told me that they can mark it down for $200.00...
    Obviously I came back to the house without it. $200.00 for a Legacy bag with a big ink stain in the top??? No way! :nogood:
  2. Yah, I think I would have passed as well.
  3. Wow.. they are crazy! No one in their right mind would buy that. I remember when perfect versions of that bag were at the outlet for like $150 or less. I wish I would have gotten one.
  4. eww what if it was blood? haha

    good choice NOT buying it
  5. EW! I wouldn't have bought it either. They are crazy if they think someone is going to buy that for $200!
  6. I saw that bag at the outlet for under $200 a few months ago (I want to say around the $150 range)....TJM always jacks up the price of coach bags IMO and they aren't worth it (especially the way merchandise gets beat up in that store)
  7. I agree I am noticing how much my TJ is jacking up prices too.
  8. Yuck! I don't know they wouldn't pull it from the shelf, or, mark it down extremely low? Especially if the stain looks like blood. Thats disgusting.