Guess what I found at Marshall's today??

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  1. A Michael Kors Astor Satchel in Luggage!!!;jsessionid=B1UX31NHTKE02CQAAJZHN0A?itemId=prod670012&parentId=cat177&index=33&cmCat=cat000000cat153cat167

    The best part - it only cost me $130!!! The sleeper bag was missing, but that's no biggie - the bag itself is in pretty excellent condition - only a few very minor surface scuffs, which can probably be buffed right out!

    I have wanted this bag for the longest time, but could always find something better to spend $300 on. I know it may not be that exciting - especially compared to some other bags I've recently bought - but I always thought this was one of MK's better designs and really like it. Usually the MK bags that I see at Marshall's are a little dreary - I was shocked to find this one hanging there all by itself!
  2. This is one of my Favorite bags! What a steal! That bag is so simplistic but so classy. I had it a long time ago in Luggage. I had it pretty beat up so I sold it on ebay cheap. I always though of getting one again sometimes. You got a great deal....enjoy!
  3. congrats!!
  4. Oohhhhh, very nice!!

    I miss Marshall's!
  5. I've always wanted this bag too! Just like you, I've always put off buying it to use the funds towards another bag. Congrats on snagging such a great deal!
  6. Congrats! I have this bag too but in a cream like color(don't know the name though). I love it and think it's a very well made and gorgeous bag!
  7. Love, love, love Marshall's! Great find!
  8. Good job!
    Some of my cherished bags have been bargains I was able to find at Marshall's, Daffy's, etc.
  9. Wow - great steal - I like it!
  10. Wow, that's a great find, congratulations!
  11. I havae one of those!!!! I love it to death!! It almost has a southwestern look to it!! If you really look hard enough, you can find some amazing purses there.
  12. What a great fine, good for you!
  13. Congrats! Enjoy!
  14. wonderful! i like MK bags.
  15. thanks everyone! I've seen a few MK bags there before, but none that were very appealing. Yesterday, though, surprisingly enough (esp w/it being a Holiday weekend), in addition to the Astor Satchel, they had a black Astor Shoulder Bag, an Ivory Palm Beach Shopper, a Brookville Shopper Tote and another really nice black leather (tote) bag, that was missing the tag so I don't know it's name. I know I've seen them before 0 black leather w/a flap that goes over the top & fastens w/a silver clip. Really nice.

    Prior to this, the best bag I ever found at Marshall's was a Kennenth Cole NY Hole Hearted Tote - usually their selection of "high-ended" bags is limited to D&B and a few Coach bags, not to mention Hype and the occasional Cole Haan and (one time) Rafe.

    I've heard of some people finding great finds, however, so I still stop in from time to time in hopes of snagging a bargain - yesterday was such a day!! I was so surprised and glad I made the trip!

    (p.s. rainrowan - what's Daffy's???)