Guess what I did to my Tutti Zucca?

  1. So my bf and I went to costco today to pick up some stuff that we needed at my house. I saw a lovely 24 pack of sharpie's that were super cheap, like $14. And thought, I might as well buy them and start coloring my tuuti Zucca in.

    So far this is how it looks!




    The front still needs to be done though.

    I started at the bottom of the zucca just in case it didn't look too great, but I love how it has come out so far. The only downside is that the color tends to bleed a little. but it's no biggie to me! And I need to spray it with something, so it doesn't run or fade. :wlae:

    I'll update tomorrow when I'm all done!
  2. :tup:Cute cute!
  3. Wow... very nice...
  4. That's sooo cute !

    Honestly though - I don't think I could be as adventurous as you, I suck at colouring !
  5. I'm not that great at coloring either, but I am patient when it comes to certain things and I've spent at least 5 hours so far coloring it!
  6. That's awesome, great job!
  7. that's super cute!! i thought you did something really, really bad to it, and was almost scared for a second.
  8. yea it looks really good!!! I'm impressed!
  9. WOW! It looks GREAT! I'd never have the guts to do it to mine, but you did an awesome job! Especially the Bruttino, colors matched perfectly! XD =)
  10. wow, that looks really cool. My hand would be shaking if I tried doing that.
  11. NICE~ that is very very cute! nice coloring job esp with the shading.

    citta rosa -- I notice your want list -- I'm returning the Adios Star Denaro to the store, if interested let me know & I'll let you know the store.
  12. Miyoshi - GREAT JOB! :tup:
    it looks awesome!
  13. I think it looks better now that you colored it in!
  14. WOW!!! It looks great!!!
  15. I LOVE it!! Great job!! It looks great! Somehow I think I'd mess mine up just trying xD