Guess what I did for the past 2 hours!

  1. I tought my mom the basics on spotting fakes! She loves to thrift store shop and always finds "designer" bags but is too afraid to buy them because she doesnt know if they are fake or not. So I used tPF and tought her some stuff. By the end we went to ioffer and were laughing at the fakes and she was able to spot stuff out! It was a great time!!!
  2. Wow maybe she will find some great stuff at the thrift stores!
  3. That is what I am hoping!!!
  4. I hope she finds some good stuff!
  5. Awwww.....I wish I knew about Coach fakes enough to teach BF. I started with kate spade and he knows more about fakes now than I do! I think the same thing's gonna happen with Coach!