Guess what I bought....

  1. So I went to window shop at Gucci in the Cabazon Outlets, and I end up getting something... I love my new bag!:yahoo: [​IMG]
  2. LOVELY !!!! i love this bag its soooo fun for summer :biggrin:
  3. A pink Gucci! So jealous. I've been looking for one on eBay. Do they have any other styles left?
  4. I'm not too familiar with the Gucci styles as well as I am with the LV ones, but they did have a good selection to choose from. This one caught my eye because I always wanted a Pink Gucci, now I need to get a matching small wallet.:yes:
  5. It's very nice. Nice spring/summer color.

    Window shopping gets me in trouble too. LOL

  6. It's so beautiful IRL, I need to go back soon so I can get a matching wallet too, I didn't even look either, I'm in love with this cute pink Gucci!
  7. congratulations. cute!
  8. cute..Congrats..Love pink bags
  9. Congrats! very cute!
  10. very cute!:yes:
  11. Awwww.....that bag makes me smile......:smile:
  12. That was a great decision to buy that bag - it'll be perfect for summer! The white leather compliments the pink beautifully! Congratulations!
  13. Congratulations.
  14. If you go back again, could you take a look if they have other ones in pink for me please? I'm planning a trip to Palm Springs and definitely will stop by to search for my love -- a pink Gucci handbag, he he. I am thinking about calling them up, but it's hard to decide which one to get without looking at the real thing... Have fun shopping!
  15. cute bag for spring