Guess what I bought todayyy

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  1. Take a guess:
  2. :yes: thats not fair,show that bag!just kidding:yes:
  3. superflystef13 is right! That's not fair! Hmmmm.....Can it possibly be one of the Guccissima bags??
  4. Come diva, what is it?????
  5. I just saw your other thread. It's the brown GC canvas 'Biba' hobo! Am I right??
  6. nope,still waiting for that bag to come in the mail! lol but I got these funky sneakers today, for some reason its not letting me post the pics, it says it exceeds the kb so I will try to get some pics up later but this is them:Gucci only I got them in red.
  7. OK i finally got some pictured up! I had to cut them in "paint" and then resave them but at least they're up! lol here they are:
    gucci 1.jpg gucci2.jpg gucci3.jpg gucci4.jpg
  8. Wow! Ruby red sneakers. I want some. They are beautiful! I'm not sure I could rock them as good as you though.
  9. I'm sure you could! :yes: They work well with jeans.
  10. This may sound like a weird question (and slightly OT), but does anyone know if Gucci will clean shoes? If I were to buy this pair of tennis, I would be deathly afraid of getting the white dirty and the red scuffed. At 3 or 4 hundred bucks, these tennis need to last a lifetime and a half.
  11. I'm not sure if they do but you could probably call the boutique and find out. That would be great because I am pretty sure that these shoe are scuff prone, I was looking at them yesterday when I got home and although its pretty much invisible there is a little itsy bitsy scuff:cursing:
  12. Don't you hate that? No one else will notice it except you. I did the same thing all day today with my brand new shoes that I bought Sunday. They have a scuff the size of Rhode Island in my eyes.
  13. lol I feel your pain. I'm very picky and over analyze everything.
  14. awsome shoes!! very funky (in a good way!)...congrats!!!
  15. Funky shoes! I like them a lot!
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