Guess what I bought today?

  1. :supacool:


    It goes "Rooooar"! :graucho:
  2. awww... the Lion charm. Cute. Lets see pics.
  3. Cute!! Enjoy!
  4. Lets See!!!!!
  5. how fun! I also bought the lion keychain, but I'm not feelin' it... still deciding if I should sell or return it since I dont' have a store nearby!
  6. Congrats the lion is super cute!
  7. They are little cuties. Happy for ya! Which bag will you attach it to?
  8. I want to get that for my cousin...she's a Leo. I might want it though because it's super cute!
  9. Heehee. I can't find my digicam cord!!! Will post pics soon.

    He's just so cute!

    I'm not sure which bag to attach it too...maybe something from the Fall line, if I come into a windfall! :graucho::lol:
  10. I need to get that keychain! I'm a Leo my B-Day is 7/24!
  11. :wtf: WHAT????????? LOLOLOLOLOL....

    I have the lion keyfob and he is attached to my keys! I LOVE him! He's is so cute and I love to look at him while I drive (which is a problem in itself!!!!!) LOLOLOLOLOL....
  12. oh i wanna see pics do they have these at the store or outlet
  13. cool please! :nuts:
  14. ooo congrats! pics please
  15. here is a pic of mine... they are only in stores, infact I don't think they are even in stores or online yet.. but are available to order. cute littl guy!