Guess What I Bought Before The Price Hike!!!

  1. I went to LV at South Coast Plaza yesterday. Does anyone would like to guess what items I bought one day before the price hike? C'mon just try...

  2. Oh my gosh, jealous and don't even know what's in there!!!
  3. i know i know...can i tell? please? :graucho: :drool:
  4. Ooooh please tell!
  5. azur:nuts:
  6. Sis, c'mon now...don't spoil the fun!!! ;)
  7. ok, for you i won't. :shame:
  8. Ooooh Raquel tell us!!

    You have such great taste (hello pink perfo speedy!!) that I can't WAIT to see what your new goodies are!!
  9. C'mon tell! Pretty please!

  10. oooooooo perfo i wannna see
  11. Oh, where are the pics please??:crybaby:
  12. wow...looks like a fun trip, no matter what's is the boxes :smile:
  13. Show us the goodies! Please!! :yahoo:
  14. I really want to see your new stuff! When is the price increase??
  15. 0o0o0 BIG BOXES!!! FUN!!!! ummmm, I have no clue...