Guess what I am getting??!?!

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  1. Like I need another pair of these, but the COLOR.... soo HOT!

  2. TDF!!! Congrats!
  3. MATT!

    Your are going to look ridicously SEXY!

  4. I'm sweating!
  5. I guess this will make up for my "silver fix" I have been after for lately and will get more use out of these than the Silver Suhali wallet.
  6. You amaze me! I love your style!

    Now, only if you carried Balenciaga. A 05' Metallic Pewter Weekender would look SO hot on you!
  7. They are part of the S/S and should hopefully arrive soon, some new stuff is on (mainly the mens shoes) and I know womens but I believe those were posted.
  8. WOW!!! Congrats!!!
  9. :drool: those are HOT!!!
  10. Sophia... please its hard enough to feed my LV needs, but I have been looking at Birkins lately...

    yep, it could happen
  11. Matt I absolutely forbid you to go to the orange side!

    Those are hot BTW!

    Do you know how shiny they are?
  12. I have not seen these yet, I want to sya just like the Suhali leather, these are grained calf leather I believe... we shall see

    haha it hurts to think of the ORANGE side but I have been thinking about Birkins lately and I WANT ONE HAHA!
  13. oo so they'll be pretty shiny can't wait to see some RL pics
  14. Matt + Orange= SEX.
  15. Oh matt i luv those shoes:heart:... Yeah birkin are worth dying for!!! i eyeing on a birkin 40 in black togo leather:p.... So you getting the lockit travel ? those are huge !!:nuts: i carried em on shoulder as if i'm running away frm home lol:roflmfao: