guess what happened today...

  1. So, my uncle calls me and tells me he's got an authentic louis vuitton wallet, I've got a hunch it's fake because he loves buying cheap things from garage sales, but I go to check it out anyways, I go to his house, and he shows him this MC wallet type thingy, which I could tell was fake from 10 feet away, so I tell him that. But he was like, " says made in France!" (So does every other fake) "And look! You can tell that's real leather!" (Since when does leather look and feel like plastic?) "It's real, I know it is!" (Yes, because everyone knows real louis vuitton bags have bits peeling off of them, have funny looking color schemes, have unsymmetrical monogramns etc etc.

    It made me so angry!!:cursing:
  2. Eeeek. One of my friends has a fake LV Boulogne. I don't have the heart to tell her it's fake, which I think she thinks it's real... What lead me to that belief? She told me "I gotta take my Louie to a reliable leather shop... the strap is breaking off..." I should have told her then and there "Why don't you just take it to the LV boutique?" :hysteric:

    When she first got it, she brought it out... :wtf: I could tell it was fake when I saw it... Hanging tag, strap looked like plastic, cheap tan suede interior. :yucky:
  3. Kerri, what is your uncle planning to do with his "find"?
  4. Sorry to hear about your uncle's situation. I would also like to know what he is planning to do with it.
  5. Since I didn't take it, I guess he is planning to give it to someone else. (god help them!) Or, he might add it too his large collection of garage sale finds/stuff people don't want.
    You should see his house! Stacked floor to ceiling with junk! 4 sofas! Broken bread makers! Cat woman outfits!
  6. sorry about your uncle..I actually find it kind of funny, they just don't know any better...what i really hate or makes me feel uncomfortable is when you have a friend who has a fake and can't find the courage to tell them it's a fake...esp if it's a friend that you don't know that well...

  7. Hopefully, he will just place it in his large collection, and that will be the end of it. ;)
  8. LMAO! My grandmother is a huge junk collector and she doesn't have anything nearly as cool as a cat woman outfit. ;)

    I really don't understand why people try to do things like that. Did he really think he was going to trick you with a fake wallet? I know he probably meant well but it's almost a little insulting when someone does something like that.
  9. ^he didn't know it was fake. poor him. he was walking around holding it, with an air of "look at meeeee! i have a louis vuitton wallet!"
  10. Oh my! Even cat woman outfits? LOL!
  11. Wow, does he ever wear them ? ;)

    Anyways, ugh, that's an awkward situation with the fake wallet !
  12. if he'll like to think that its real, let him be. he''ll be happier this way.
  13. hehehe, cat woman outfits!

    but it was kinda nice of him to think of you...too bad it wasn't real :sad:
  14. it was kinda sort of nice....he tries to give me junk all the time. I don't really need notebooks in bulk. or a graphing calcultor from the 1980's.

    this isn't the first time someone's given me a fake wallet-got a fake mono one a couple of months ago. bleh.
  15. How did he manage to get his hands on that fake wallet, in the first place?