guess what guys?!

  1. i bought a japanese's like a japanese LV catalog..the new styles are shown but im not sure whether they are japanese versions or not...................will surely post pictures after scanning!!!! :roflmfao:
  2. Yep, the Louis Vuitton bibles are quite useful as they show limited edition styles and the such. It's a really good reference item !
  3. :wlae: Yes, yes, yes! :wlae:
    Please do! :nuts:
  4. I love the Japanese Bibles! Now only if I could read them! :sad:
  5. i loooove those. When I was in the airport in Japan I grabbed a bunch. I regret not getting more!
  6. I cant wait for the pictures!!!
  7. i can't read them either..but at least i can convert their prices...LVs in japan are soooo expensive!
  8. LV pics is universal language :biggrin:
  9. lol, agreed! I don't think I've seen one of these before, so I am definitely looking forward to scans.
  10. my DH learned japanese out of his love for japanese animation! i think ill start taking japanese lessons!