Guess What - got it......

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  1. Well I have gone and bought that lovely Wisteria Honey spy, after seeing it on here (PF Bad influence) just fell in love with it.

    Bought it from Neiman Marcus this morning, so all you PF members in England (Like me) you can buy from them over the phone, not a lot of places in the US do this, although we do it all the time in England anyone from any country can buy a item over the phone but for some reason US does not do this. Neiman Marcus is the only one so far I have found that does

    Cannot wait to get the bag which should be here on the 9th December, just hope it does not get caught in customs..:yahoo: :wlae: :yahoo:
  2. Congrats Saich! :yahoo:I heard that UK customs are cracking down in the lead up to Xmas, Neiman's will probably send it insured do you know what shipping company they will use? Fingers crossed you should be ok! Make sure you post pics asap!! I love the Honey Wisteria spy....yummy choice!:drool:
  3. That is such a beautiful bag! Love the colour!

    Having the same problem with customs since I'm from Denmark. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.
  4. :yahoo:CONGRATS!!!
  5. Hey, congrats!!!! ITA that this place is a bad a good way though, LOL. Before e-stumbling upon this place, I'd never spend so much money on a handbag. I thought expensive bags were just for celebs! TPF made me realise how silly that way of thinking was.

    Saich2, enjoy your beautiful bag!!!!!!!!
  6. Congrats!!!
  7. CONGRATS!! :yahoo:
    I hope all goes well with shipping and customs :P
  8. LV addit I think it was your lovely pictures that got me wanting one. Cannot wait.

    I would love to post pictures of my spys but for some reason cannot for the life of me shrink the pictures enough to fit on here but will keep trying. Totally stupid sometimes when it comes to computers.
  9. Saich

    Woo hoo another gorgeous addition to your collection! You are the Spy Girl... Let me know how it goes with the whole shipping scenario as if it goes well then I am going to start doing it as well. Do you know what the taxes and custom charges are?

    Can't wait to see the new addition - congrats again
  10. Congrats Saich! Please post pics.
  11. OMG...CONGRATS!!!!!!! That's so exciting...can't wait to see pics!!!!!!!
  12. Congrats saich!!!!! Yayy!!! Hope neiman picks the most bubbly wisteria spy for you! :yahoo: Please post pic when you get it and please post the bubbly choco you got from estile!!!!!! :yes:

    Oh by the way saich you make me really into petrol spy at this moment!! I regret selling mine. I used to have a petrol but it not bubbly AT ALL that's the reason I sold it right away :crybaby: Deco, if you ever decide selling your petrol let me know you petrol is so bubbly and gorgeous :P
  13. awwwwww congrats dear .. pics pics pics:biggrin:
  14. I am hoping I am not going to get caught out with customs charges, but if I do would think it will be about £400 ($800)

    Thanks everyone for the Congrats. I really need to get the hang of posting pictures on here, ebay I have no problem but on here I just cannot srink them enough to fit. A right Pain........

    Olga if ever you want to sell one of them green spys of yours please please let me know. Yes Deco has a really lovely Petrol.
  15. Another saich - you're on a roll :jammin:

    I just got a honey wisteria spy as well from a lovely PFer. It's so gorgeous, I missed them early this year and literally phonned every Fendi store in Europe trying to find one. Let us know how it goes with Neimans, may be tempted to get a few things.