Guess what fell off the "B-BAG APPLE" Tree!

  1. A georgeous, Yummy City!!!! And it fell right into my hands:nuts: To make a long story short. I made a trade with a forum member. And I am completely excited!!! I will be posting pics on Sat. Cant wait to show you:biggrin: :nuts: ;)
  2. Wow wow wow! I cannot wait to see it. I love the apple.
  3. OOHH!!! CONGRATS!! Thats is SO exciting! I am beyond happy for you!!!
  4. 2 apple greens waaaaaahhhh lucky lucky lucky you!!!! Now I am moving right next to your house so that we can be neighbors and share bags, LOL:lol: :lol: :love:
  5. YEAH! So exciting!!! Congratulations!!!!! Can't wait to see pics!!!
  6. ransk can you tell me where to buy the "seeds" for the b-bag apple tree so that I can plant one in my backyard..I sooo want an apple green bag!!! LOL:lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. :nuts: You are so funny. Im going to be selling one of them, because I really have no need for both, so the best offer I get on either of them will help me decide. OMG the city is sooooo georgeous IRL!! But so is my First :wacko: AHHHH! Start making offers ladies?
  8. Wow Lucky You!!!! I'm sure Ceejay will be happy to make an offer on the City unless she found one already.
  9. OMG tough decision...yikeeessss....either way, I want one myself...heheheheh:lol: :love:
  10. Wow, congrats!! An apple b-bag in the city size is rare! That one should definitely be a keeper!
  11. W--H--A--A--A--A--T ???????????? :blink: :smile:

    Are you serious? So, do you have TWO Apple Green City bags now ... or 1 First and 1 City? How come I didn't know about the City?

    I think the man upstairs just doesn't want me to have this ... :sad: I don't need to be more depressed ... work did a REALLY good job yesterday ... UGGH.
  12. I am totally serious:nuts: ! And am as shocked as you are!!:amazed: I now own a first and a city in apple. But will be selling one. Just dont know which yet.
  13. Congrats ranskimmie! You deserve it after all you went through selling your other bags.

    I have no idea which you should keep, but I do think that if you sell the city you should offer first dibs to Ceejay because this bag has been so difficult for her to get. if you sell the first, you should offer first dibs to Yhassan bc she's been looking for her 1st first in a bright color for awhile now. Just my two cents. Good luck either way!
  14. Thanks addicted...... I didnt really know about CeeJay wanting one so badly. But I definetely know of Yhassans hunt. Thanks for your 2 cents. Its always welcome!
  15. Congrats and can't wait to see it!