[Guess!] What color will Vancanze's interior be?

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  1. I'm very curious... because we've seen pics of the Vacanze Zucca and Avventura and they look great! but what color will the inside be... hMm... what's your guess?

    I think its probably going to be some kinda emerald green to go with the christmas-y theme :idea:
  2. Yup, that's exactly what I was going to say GREEN!!! Maybe it'll be red? :shrugs: I'd prefer the hot pink that's inside of L'Amore :love: I can't wait to find out!! :sweatdrop:
  3. For some reason I think it will be some random color... like yellow.
  4. im also guessing a green to match the christmas theme
  5. Ohh, I hope it's green. Green is so christmas-y, and there have already been a lot of redish linings. Pastel blue or lilac would also be pretty too
  6. I am going ot guess a blue to go with the winter theme.

  7. I say orange or yellow.
  8. Green
  9. I'm thinking a royal blue. Anything other than orange would be great actually. ;)
  10. I'm thinking it'll be the biggest accent color on the bag. I'd say blue, but if it isn't blue (i think that's more bg in the print), I'd say green. do I make sense? I think a lot of bag's interiors are a color that is heavily accented, but not overpowering the print itself... I'm thinking too hard lol
  11. I think it will be red.
  12. i think a midnight blue?
  13. red again?! lol. that would mean all my bags have red interior, cuz all the bags i own are Inferno or AS xD

    i would love love love a dark velvet-y emerald green color as interior, that would be sooooooo beautiful!

    i hope its not hot pink, i'm not a fan of pink T-T
  14. You're probably right, unfortunately.:push:
  15. I say yellow. Reminds me of Paradiso ;)

    It would be lovely if it was the Pirata blue...