Guess what came today???

  1. :heart:No really, GUESS!!! (Who's been paying attention?) :graucho:
  2. lol!!!!!!
  3. I know what it is!!!! But I want pics!!!
  4. Oh, poop, I hate these...I'm always the last to know!!!:p C'mon!! Shares with your penniless sisters!!!! :drool:
  5. :popcorn:........
  6. oh crud!

    I know this one and my brain won't cooperate!!!!
  7. I know! I'm way too impatient to read these kinds of threads, but now that I'm the original poster...I have to admit, it's fun to tease! lolol
  8. okay, everyone but ShoeLover gets an F-


    Presenting my Anthracite Twiggy...
    Anthracite 002 467x350.jpg Anthracite 003 467x350.jpg Anthracite 004 467x350.jpg Anthracite 005 467x350.jpg Anthracite 006 467x350.jpg
  9. I love the color!!! And the leather...oh the leather is TDF...the best leather of all my bbags.

    Here is a picture of Louis Vuitton Nimbus in "Anthracite", which I ended up returning for a different color. But just for comparison sake...
    Ravi and Nimbus 002 467x350.jpg Anthracite 004 467x350.jpg
  10. I love it!!!

  11. Congrats:yahoo: i really have to start liking the Twiggy too.:graucho:
  12. Congrats!!! Glad your happy with your new purchase.
  13. Completely gorgeous!
  14. Congratulations!! :smile::smile:
  15. omg I LOVE anthracite :drool::drool: Congrats!!