Guess what came today? i'm over the moon!!!!

  1. [​IMG]
  2. Omg you got a brown LV box!! :s
  3. Oh what do you mean? Oh ya...i didn't really expect a box.
  4. :nuts: what is it? what is it?
  5. quit teasing .. what is it!
  6. oooh what is it?!?!?

    OT, I love your gucci bag on your avatar! what style is that?
  7. Show us!
  8. Thank you! It is a peggy top handle. its from the cruise collection.
  9. i received this at work and its now hidden in one of the store! :p

    i am waiting till everyone goes for lunch so that i can realllly get my hands on it!!!! i'm dying here!
  10. can't wait to see!!

  11. thanks!! doesn't that bamboo handle hurt? LOL..sorry I gotta occupy myself while you kill us with this anticipation!
  12. oooo no way i could wait i'd be tearing it open....hehe
  13. Forgot to say how long till every1 goes to lunch so we can see?
  14. I like your gucci bag too. But what is in the LV box?!?!?!?!
  15. yeah it does hurt if its heavy! i found that by putting it diagonally across the shoulder blade it doesnt hurt that much...However, it does come with a removable strap! thank goodness for that!