Guess what came to Italy with me

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  1. Keri's choco brown bays!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Keri , loved using it .:tup:

    Well I had a good look at what bags the Italian women were toting and I'm afraid to say it was LV all the way.There were a few Gucci's but no Mulberry's at all .:nogood:

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  2. Fab picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!:tup:
  3. Love the scarf Flossie is it LV
  4. Yup , sure is . :yes:
  5. Wow great picture - which part of italy did you visit ?

    We did Milan last year to see " The last Supper " couldn`t believe how badly the locals had graffitied all the city.

    Still a fab city and some of those die for !

    Also couldn`t believe how many woman carried those Alvero Martini bags with the map on !!

    Lots of Prada also..............I think Mulberry is unheard of over there ??
  6. I was in Verona , just a quick visit as DH had a meeting to go to , so I went along too . Was in Milan last summer visiting friends and I did notice they were toting Prada.Milan is a fashionistas paradise , Verona is more cultural , the women are all very smart there , even women in their 70's look beautiful.
  7. Flossie - to me you are the true glamour-Bays-girl!!! Fantastic picture!:tup:
  8. I think I'm getting a bit too set in my ways:smile: but I do love the bays:yes:.
  9. Who doesn´t! I think my choco one dresses me up and it makes me feel so good so it was nice to see how well it goes with a glam-lady like you! Thanks! :smile:
  10. What a lovely trip......
    AND glad to know that you were amongst those that were in the "fashion know how"....who wants to tote something that everyone has???? YUCK.
  11. ^^^^ Quite right !!

    But I do believe "its each to their own" and tend not to "judge" others..................... best way do you not find ??
  12. yes , everyone has their own style , who wants to be a clone.
  13. Very true :P

    But Its not good to judge others......well I don`t any way :supacool:

    What some people think is cool is another persons "saddo" but who`s to judge.....each to there own I say.
  14. I don't think anyone is judging least of all me .If you are referring to the LV/ Gucci comment is was inrelation to this forum being Mulberry, not derogatory . Infact I have a few LV's in my closet.
  15. No not at all :smile:

    Its just lots of ladies are on this forum and do tend to jump about between the threads.

    We all love our bags whatever the brand, thats why we all come on here I suppose.....

    (But I was not referring to your post)

    If you go back to Milan you will have to take your red Mabel, such a wonderful bag :flowers: