Guess what came out of storage today ???

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  1. I been having a bit of a sort out at home and i packeda a few item up out my l;ounge and went to storage with DH. while i was at big yellow, i decied to have my vintage oak bays out of her box and to have a look at her. it was love again and i bought her home with me after i carried her round asda, and boy did i feel good.:yahoo:

    I sat her on the step in the sun and sprayed her with colloni spay about 1/3 of a can. then moved her in doors sitting on a cotton sheet once she was dry.

    only thing i have noticed is the linking on the handles seems a little worn in places any advce on what to do i sprayed the handles well with colloni ?

    she still has the tag on from sam@lovehandbags as i have never used her since i bought her.
  2. Ooh, how nice to dig out an old, but new bag.... get using that baby. Perfect weather for it.
  3. How lovely Snowshoe! Its the perfect weather for Oak bays at the moment so make the most of her!
  4. Snowshow it's a crime not to use such a beautiful Bays, enjoy it!!!
  5. Well done! Shame to have such a gorgeous bag stored away. Enjoy using her.
  6. Good for you! Oak Bays should get lots of use!!
  7. yay enjoy her!
  8. Fabulous!
  9. Hope you're enjoying some nice weather to carry her in!!! Enjoy!!!:biggrin: