Guess What Came In The Mail...??

  1. I go tmy very first Louis Vuitton,monogram speedy 30.I love it.i bought it off ebay,from a my poupette.It is used,but for the condition its in,I got a awsome price.Its has a nice patina,fairly dark,is there anyway to kinda lighten it up a little bit?someone once said a Mr.clean Magic eraser,but Im not sure.
  2. Congratulations! It sounds wonderful! Nothing like an LV with a nice patina, right?!?

    We would love to see it! Can you post some pictures, please?!?! Enjoy it!
  3. Congrats on your LV! I'm not sure how/if you can ligthten the patina. Maybe one of our PF members can tell you.
  4. I will post a pic soon a hubby comes home,Im not sure how to do it:smile:
  5. Congratulations!! Speedy was actually my first Louis too [​IMG]
  6. Congrats!

    Magic eraser is used to clean the handles. Unless what you're seeing is dirt on the handles, I don't think you can lighten up the patina. I think it's irreversible.
  7. Congrats!
  8. I love the speedy. :smile:
  9. I used the magic eraser,a little bit came off,must have been dirt.It looks alot better on the handles,do I need to put anything else on it?
  10. Congrats !!
  11. Congrats! 30 is a great size!
  12. It will leave the handles a bit dry and some moisturize it with leather conditioner. I haven't had my Speedy that long to do that yet.
  13. Ok,Im gonna go out a bit later(day off) and I will have to pick some up,is it ok if i spray the whole purse with a leather protectant,and just moisterize the handles?
  14. I would say moisturize first but again, I haven't done that yet. Hopefully someone else can chime in on what they do for the handles.
  15. Congrats. Enjoy the bag.