guess what came in the mail today?

  1. :wlae::wlae::wlae:
    i finally bought myself a d'trick and i'm so pleased with it. it's very roomy and just the right size for a shoulder bag! :yes: i know it doesn't have the fancy mirror inside (unlike the pink/white ones), but i do actually like this black/grey colourway a whole lot when trying it out, it definitely goes nicely with my wardrobe.

    and of course oodles of thanks to May for helping me authenticate and for her wonderful advice about getting it. thanks ever ever so much May! :love:

    hehe just waiting for the d'trick bracelet i got from luxury-shops now to arrive. :nuts:
    KIF_8567.JPG KIF_8569.JPG d'trick closeup.jpg
  2. WHOA! That was super fast!!! I'm still waiting for a few packages that I ordered before the auction for your D'Trick even existed!!!

    Congratulations on your new beauty! :yahoo: No wonder you have a D'Trick bracelet in your avatar...because you're now a D'Trick ladie!!!!!...Now that you have a D'Trick, wanna consider sharing your entire collection of Chanel and Dior beauties in the Your Bag Showcase subforum :biggrin:? I think you have such a wonderful collection that can inspire more people to like Dior.

    (Some of the pink and white ones don't have mirrors. I think it depends on the size of the bag)
  3. :shame: awww thanks may! you've been an absolute sweetheart in helping me with the dior purchases i've got off eBay. :love:

    i asked for it to come by expressmail and unfortunately, i've learnt that packages through expressmail (even when it's declared as a gift and at a relatively low value - $200), it still gets TAXED!! :cursing: had to fork out 33 pounds in taxes for it, but oh well, i guess it's all worth it to get that first dior that i've always wanted.

    :sweatdrop: i'll probably post a collection thread sometime soon in easter when i get home and am reunited with my lady dior, my gaucho and the other chanel. *fingers crossed* i'll have a 3rd chanel by then, so that collection would look alright. still waiting for the vintage flowers to come. :yes: nonetheless, thanks for the lovely words May, i think your collection has definitely made quite a bunch of people into dior converts already! ;)
  4. Congratulations.
  5. OOOoooh! Congrats Zerodross! Your d'trick is very nice, very distinctive as well as I don't see this design a lot on eBay. Enjoy. :biggrin:
  6. Beautiful bag Millie ! :heart: :drool: congrats ! :yahoo: is she really so roomy? i thought it was more just wallet keys bag...
  7. congrats, this bag is lovely. i think it would be perfect for going out at night, where can I find one?
  8. gorgeous find, very classy!
  9. :sad: to the taxes...they're ridiculous since one of the reasons why we have to buy them from sellers in other countries is that they're not sold in ours, or are too rare (especially in Canada). But then the government has to benefit from that. And I hope your Vintage Flowers bag isn't taxed as much...

    Wow I think your collection is a lot more impressive than mine. I only have bags from one brand (shows how single-minded I am :smile:):shame:.

    (and of course you're very welcome! You help people authenticate bags all the time, too! :biggrin:)
  10. oooo...I like it!!! Congrats!
  11. Congrats! :drool:
    zerodross, look at the pretty shiny thing over there! *grabs for the gorgeous d'trick real fast*
  12. :drool::drool: at morningglory. *unleashes the neighbour's cat on you* hehee. i kid!

    and much much love to all of you wonderful ladies for your kind words! :heart::heart:

    nat: heh, that's what i thought too - it being a small evening bag, looking at the ebay pictures, but it's really much bigger IRL and it stores more than my chanel e/w. i just sneakily took it out of its hiding place (when the bf was in his room) and tried it out and it definitely fits my cellphone, camera, fat wallet/coin pouch and has more room to spare for the cosmetics, etc. i could probably fit in my foldable hairdryer in it! :upsidedown:

    LVobssessed: the bags came out a few years ago, so they're no longer available in stores. it's likely that you might find some in the outlets, but i'm not sure. ebay has a few of it currently (but in a different colourway), as does sabine's boutique (Dior, Authentic Dior Handbags, Christian Dior Handbags, Discount Dior Handbags, Authentic Designer Handbags and Wallets, Sale Prices always)

    may: awww, your collection of 1 brand is MORE than impressive! i love all of your diors! (and of course seeing some of them has made me madly obsessed with getting something similar too) hopefully the vintage flowers wouldn't be taxed since it's sent by global priority. i noticed that so far the bags i've been taxed for were always the ones sent by express mail. the ones sent by global priority have passed customs so far. *fingers crossed*

    crazy story, but i convinced myself i was too tired/sick for school today (9am - 3pm classes with only 1 hour break is INSANE!) so i stayed home in anticipation for the bag. hehe. i'm ridiculous! of course there's a good reason, if i manage to receive the bag before 3, i could take pictures and fiddle with it for a bit before my bf got back. needless to say now that he's home, my bag's tucked away under my bed and away from his eye. the sad part of course is that i can't bring it with me to amsterdam tomorrow, not without him noticing. :push::sad:
  13. Very pretty!!!!!!! Soooooooooo classy! Congrats zerodross!!!!!! :yahoo:

  14. aawww u poor poor little girl ! of course u cant go to school if u dont feel well :graucho: lets face it ,it was probably a total coincidence that the bag might have arrived today ...:graucho:
  15. Great choice. Congrats!