Guess what came in the fedex (for free)? ;)

  1. a brand new catalog!


    ...i wasn't even charged shipping!

  2. Wow :nuts: ooh could you show us the pages ;)
  3. lol...

    The first thing that came to mind: Your Ribera Mini? :confused1:

  4. Lucky! 10$ for shipping is really steep even by LVs standards.
  5. Nice :smile:
  6. john...

  7. its pretty thick..anything u'd like to see in particular? i can take pics for ya!

  8. is this the new one for all the permanent lines? what colour is the cover? i have been asking the store the last few times if they have the new one yet (after seeing someone on tPF with one recently) and they dont seem to think they are making them anymore (which is what i heard like 6 months ago).
  9. this is the 2006 one..the cover is blue..
    the new one 2007 has not been released yet, that's what my SA told me

  10. ooh its the blue one, i was so excited when i got that one. I picked it up overseas, fortunately because my boutique dont have anymore left. I cant wait till the new 2007 one comes out!!
  11. ^ me too!!
  12. I need to see if I can get one with free shipping... Where did you call? Just the Vuitton number?
  13. the 2007 is out already my SA asked me to go pick it up next time .. !!
  14. Gah i want some catalogs.
    My boutique is convinced that LV don't do them :rolleyes:
  15. I want the 2007 one too!! WAH! LOL
    Sweet deal though Ren...getting it with no shipping charge!