Guess what came home from Nordstrom with me today?

  1. Okay, so I returned the L.A.M.B. Verona bag I asked for opinions on in a separate thread. Hadn't intended to exchange... but did... for a Navy Venetia! Okay, let me say... it is NOT Navy. It's a gorgeous color I'd call Cobalt. Anyone seen that one? Gold hardware, gray suede interior. Soooo pretty and eye-popping for Spring! Yippee! I'll try to post pics tomorrow. Bag.lover, have you seen this bag in this color? The SA says it's called Navy, but I swear I would never call it Navy.
  2. Oh, wow...that sounds beautiful! Please post pics soon!
  3. Congrats Baghound!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
    The official color name is Navy (from S/S 2007 Soft Calf Classic line), I agree that it should be named Cobalt.

    Venetia is the most classic MJ bag, I it!!!!! :love: :love: :love:
    I am so happy to hear that you got it instead of Verona. =)
  4. ^ Even though Venetia is too big for me, but I can't help wanting to buy it whenever I see it in colors that I love. It's an absolutely sophisticated and elegant bag, it deserves its title as THE bag that made Marc Jacobs!!!

    BagHound, you have fabulous taste. You're the 1st member who got Chili Hudson last year, everyone wanted it afterwards. You are also the 1st to own this gorgeous Navy Venetia. I'm so excited for you. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  5. I'm sure it must have been Cobalt, from the spring line! Woo HOO!! Can't wait to see your pics! You always get the best bags...
  6. oooohhh cant wait to see the pixs!
  7. I'm excited to see the Venetia in this color, too! I bet it is beautiful.
  8. I saw the Cobalt Venetia this past weekend at Nordstrom's as well. Great bag! It's really bright! Would love to see your personal pics!
  9. Congrats!! the Venetia is a great bag! Cn'at wait to see your pics!!!
  10. you've got me absoluley salivating right now! I am dying for a venetia and yours sounds impressive!! Please share pics when you can!
  11. Please post pics soon! I am looking for a Venetia and would love to see the color you bought. Congrats!!
  12. S/S 2007's SOFT CALF CLASSIC Venetia comes in Black, White, Navy, and Light Grey.
  13. ^ Yeah that...please please please *pleads with puppy eyes*. Drools over grey suede. Is this available in large MP?
  14. Navy is available for SOFT CALF CLASSIC Venetia, LG Multipocket, Christy, and Tote. There are matching SOFT CALF CLASSIC Small Leather Goods such as Zip Clutch, Key Pouch, etc.
  15. Oh no!!! Why is MJ doing this to me?! I'm suppose to be on a bag ban. i'll go dig my own grave now, DH is seriously gonna murder me lol. i'm a sucker for blues.:sweatdrop: Can't wait to see the pics.