Guess what came by fedex (for free PART II)? ;)

  1. :graucho:
    i wasn't charged at all!! :yahoo:

    i wasn't even charged shipping!

    ima take some more pics now.

    CIMG1535.JPG CIMG1536.JPG
  2. I suck at guessing games :biggrin: ... but can't wait to find out...
  3. some sort of catalogue?!?! :confused1: come on...........i wanna know ;)
  4. [​IMG]the accordeon chain!!!!!

    here's what i got this week!!
    CIMG1537.JPG CIMG1538.JPG
  5. oooh how'd you manage to get that for free?
  6. Do tell...was it a repair and they forgot to include that?
  7. congratulations.
  8. <------never gets a single thing for FREE.
  9. wow, how DID you get that for free? that's so awesome!
  10. WOW ren...that's awesome!!!!!
  11. awsome...
  12. Congrat! Wowowo, that is awesome.....
  13. That's awesome! How did you manage to get it for free?
  14. seem to be on a roll with getting free items this week!
  15. Wow, I never get anything for free!!