GUESS WHAT? Brand New MBMJ Ladybugs on! Red! Blue!

  1. I bought two red and 1 blue! I would post the link but I cant for some reason. Can someone tell me how to paste a link on here if I am using Mozilla? For some reason, it wont let me paste!
    marcj2025713092_prod_medium.jpg marcj2025711873_prod_medium.jpg
  2. Thanks for the link but how can I paste the link? When I use mozilla, it wont let me!
  3. Instead of pasting, maybe try the "Insert Link" button on the toolbar above the message box? The button has a little globe in it.
  4. How cute!! Now I don't like my bug !! I want red!!:drool::heart:
  5. I LOVE the red!
  6. Wait... where's the red? Are they sold out already?? :sad:
  7. Hmmm - I think what appeared to be red is called rose - if you check it out on Shopbop it does have a pinky undertone....
  8. Ok, that was odd. When I clicked on the link 10 minutes ago the only colors shown were Canvas white, Indigo, and Twig. :shrugs: However, now that it's back up on the site I can see what you mean about the pink tone. :hrmm: I would have preferred red.
  9. ^^ me too, love red.
  10. The "rose" is sold out right now!!
  11. Rose is so pretty!
  12. They have the Rose color at the Marc Jacob Woman store on Bleecker St NYC. This was today around 6ish. I think they have all the colors, but the red was a head turner.
  13. The rose one is so cute! I also saw these in different colors @ Nordies the other day.
  14. what do you do with these little things? haha.