Guess what arrived from Hermes in Nice???

  1. Thanks to Allaboutnice, a nice big box finally arrived today after clearing customs. (One more box to go with the 20 or so remaining to unpack...)Something I have never seen at Hermes in the states. As soon as I have time to open it and hook up my card reader, pic will be a-coming!!! Hint: it is one of my most FAVORITE skins, I mean leathers. And she will be a younger sister to another bag in my collection....
  2. Woohoo! Can't wait for pics!!!!!
  3. luv2shophandbag--Aww...don't tease. ;) Can't wait to see your pics. :smile:
  4. What? :nuts:
  5. OMG!!! Congrats.... Can't wait to see pictures.
  6. :nuts: whaddayaget?? :popcorn: :popcorn:
  7. what is it???!! :yahoo:
  8. :wondering:wondering
  9. hmm hmm.....
  10. :popcorn: awwww...
    congrats~~~~ we want pics.... hehe :p
  11. :woohoo:show the orange box :woohoo::p
  12. Eeeeek! Tease!!! I am havin' H withdrawls here...must live vicariously so show us whatcha got!!! :nuts::yahoo:
  13. please tell us now!!!
  14. Is it bigger than a breadbox?

    Can't wait to know what it is that we've never seen in the States!
  15. Pictures, pretty please???