Guess what a Co-worker just asked me!

  1. So I'm sitting here at work when a co-worker of mine approachs... here's the conversation:

    CW - "You know Coach purses, right?"
    Me - "Yes"
    CW - "I need a favor... my son got his GF a Coach bag but it didn't come with the dust cover... do you happen to have an extra one.. .he'd buy it from you?"
    Me - "I'll check to see if I have any extras... what size?"
    CW - "Medium sized... also do you happen to have a Coach Shopping Bag too?"
    Me - "Ummmm, I'm sure I do.. why?"
    CW - "Well he bought the bag at the Farmers Market & wants her to think it's the real thing so I figured if you could sell me a dust cover & a Coach shopping bag, she'd never know the difference."
    Me - "Ummmmm... can't make any promises on the dust bag, but I'll check."

    Initially I thought I was helping the girl out because as we know sometimes the dust covers get separated from Dept store bags or never come w/ outlet bags... but when I discovered it was to 'get over' on the GF so she'd believe it was a real Coach I almost gagged... I have no intention on helping her at this point... I acted like I would check when I get home.. but there's NO WAY I'm giving (or selling) her anything! I just could not believe what I was hearing!!!!
  2. no way! that is completely dishonest!!!
  3. Ugh, that's just wrong. Trying to pass a fake off as the real thing. That's as wrong as it gets. Then the poor girl is carrying something she thinks is authentic and looks a fool. Horrible. He should've saved the $ on the dust bag and shopping bag and bought her a good Nordie's leather handbag or some such.
  4. wow what a crappy boyfriend ! If he lies about that then what else is he lying about AND he is only going to make her look bad if she goes around thinking it is real ! I wouldn't help her either
  5. yuck...thats pretty awful. I don't get too riled up by people who choose to buy fake bags on their own...but to try to deceive someone you care about is pretty bad.
  6. And then she could end up as one of those people who list it on eBay (after they break up because he's cheap and dishonest) who thinks it's real and finds out it's not...
  7. I wouldn't help her out! I don't own a coach bag yet (I'm purchasing my very first one next week!!! Yay! :yahoo:) but I certainly wouldn't want my bf to buy me a fake and pass it off as real! That poor girl! You would think that his mom would understand!
  8. That poor girl. It's one thing to knowingly buy a fake for yourself but it's just plain disgusting to pass a fake off as real when giving it as a gift. What a creepy thing to do. And his mother's helping him. :cursing:
  9. she is probably gonna b able to tell anyways
  10. That is really bad of that person. How can you try and pass something
    off as real? That is really dishonest.
  11. In my experience, fake Coach bags are hardly ever "good" fakes. Some fakes (Gucci, Fendi, etc) that you don't see all over the place and that change styles so often are sometimes easier to pass off to the untrained eye. But Coach? Assuming the markings appear authentic, all you have to do is touch it to know it's not real!
  12. This is how you get people waltzing around with fake bags that think they are real. Shame on the cheapa## boyfriend, and double, triple shame on the mother. She's certainly teaching her son well. I hope the poor girl doesn't marry him, she'll be flashing around her "diamond" CZ ring.

    I give you lots of credit, I would have said something to the mother. Oh, I know, you should take a cheap white pillowcase, and write COACH in magic marker. Then sell it to her. When she balks at that, tell her that since they think his girlfriend is too stupid and doesn't deserve a real purse, then they can tell her it's a special, one of a kind, handmade dust bag. Oh, it's made personally by Mr. Coach. And put it in a paper grocery bag. Cross out the store's name and write COACH on it. Tell her that's all the fake bag deserves.

  13. :roflmfao:
  14. Wow, I am speechless. What an awful thing to do, and then to ask you to play a role in deceiving someone. Your CW seems to have no problem with what her "son" has planned. That says a lot about her, and how she raised her son.
  15. Like mother, like son. Instead of telling her son it's wrong to scam his girlfriend, his mother willingly becomes an active partner-in-crime. He learned his morals, or lack of them, from her.

    You learned some valuable information about your co-worker's character. Keep an eye on her.