Guess Wallet

  1. Hello!! I have a dilema. The clasp on my Guess wallet has broken, since it was a gift, I have no receipt so I can not get an exchange at the store it was purchased at. When I contacted Guess, they also refused any assisstance. Any ideas?
  2. hmm..
    some of the SA will allow you to exchange it for exact same wallet i think.. my BF's wallet had some problem with the stitching and i didn't realized it until he told me.. so i went to one of the store to exchange it for the same wallet and they don't even look at the receipt.. they just swap it like that.. as long as it still has tag, i think you'll be fine..
  3. Thanx for the quick reply...I ended up calling the Guess store in the local mall, who certainly sings a different tune than Guess head office. The store said "no problem, we will give you a store credit for the current value of the wallet" even without the receipt!! Makes you wonder why I even bothered with!!!!
  4. not a problem.. glad to hear that juliepalz.. :biggrin::tup: