Guess the SS 08 COLLECTION Colors!!!

  1. I know that we have an idea of what the pre-collection colors will be, but what do you think about the collection colors??:confused1::confused1: According to the website Lenzing color trends predicts the following for summer 2008 color trends:


    Use these colors to get your juices flowing and guess the SS 08 collection colors.:smile: Feel free to post your own pictures as color references for all of us to drool over and get excited about!! I know that all of us are sitting around DYING for Violet and Marigold (well . . . at least I am)!!! So, I thought it might do us all some good to have some new colors to obsess over.
  2. ooh, fun! I like that sage-y green in the middle of the 2nd row, and actually that olive-y green towards the left side of the 2nd row...and some of those darker/brighter blues are interesting...I wonder if any of them are close to what electric blue will be? I also like the bright red & bright yellow at the end of the 3rd row...if I'm going to go color, I usually prefer bright or jewel tones to pastels...I think it's going to be a fun (and expensive!) season
  3. I am dying over the dark teal; third from the left on the second row :drool:
  4. 2nd row sage looking green looks nice... would love a gold GH day in that.
  5. me too! that was the first color i noticed
  6. [​IMG]
    Just for fun :biggrin:
    I took the pic. of the model from Balenciaga's website
    My guess for SS 08
    1. Electric Blue
    2. New Bubblegum Pink
    3. New Magenta
    4. Sand beige
    5. Yellow
  7. This is a big departure for me, since I am NOT a fan of warm colors, but I'm kind of liking the orangey color third from left in the bottom row. I would never be able to actually carry it, since I own maybe one item that has a teeny-tiny bit of orange in it, but as a swatch, I like it.

  8. That's the first color I noticed! I'm hoping the sage color will look something like that