'GUESS THE BAG' Game.....!

  1. Okay...

    I thought up this game today while taking close up pics of one of my bags...

    The way the game works is that you take a close up pic of a section of a bag that you have, or use a section of a pic that you have found online...

    Then the others have to guess which bag it is!

    The person who guesses correctly then has to post a new 'piece of bag' photo... and it carries on like that.

    Waddaya think?

    Ok I will start with an easy-ish one (well I guess its only easy when you know the answer:p)

  2. Kooba?
  3. Botkier?
  4. Coach?
  5. :yes:....its a Kooba marcelle!

    Ok...your turn!
  6. no idea.