Guess Purses

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  1. Hello! Yesterday I bought this brand new guess purse and I could not wait to show it to the tpf members.Then today I did a guess purse search on the site and got not hits.:sad:
    Do anyone have a guess purse?know about the brand?
  2. I do have like 5 guess purses and like 3 wallets, i really like the brands design sometimes, though here i guess u wont find it as u wont find dooney&burke cuz im guessing is like a low key "designer" bag as in here theres not forums for the whole complete brands out there in the low key area but you can show it to us here at "hanbags & purse" forum with pictures and modeling as well and tell us all bout it.
    i always care it doesnt matter if it has a sub forum or not!! make a thread!!

    and also subforums are made upon request sometimes of the most common brands people buy like "popularity" so that could be another reason too that u dont find it.
  3. Show us CeCChanel!
    Guess purses are fun!
  4. ill do as soon as possible ;)
  5. Oh, you have to post pictures! I have several Guess purses and I love them all.
  6. I have several Guess and really enjoy them. Show us show us!