Guess My Age....

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  1. I thought this might be a fun thread (don't play if you know the answer already ;))

    Post your pic and we'll guess.

    (sorry - that's giant)
  2. 26?
  3. Fun Thread!! i will say you are between 24 and 26.... Sorry If I made u older....LOL
  4. Ummm 25? I hate guessing peoples ages, I don't want to offend them haha!

    My pic is in my avatar.
  5. ME 2.... I would say 23 to u!
  6. I'm too afraid to guess wrong!
  7. Me too! I would not want to offend anyone by guessing way off. I am bad at this sort of thing anyway.
  8. Maybe you could change the title of the thread to "Guess My Age when this picture was taken?" Then I can post all my baby pictures and save lots of face!
  9. I guess 27 for the OP. Fantastic thread idea! :tup:

    Omgblonde, I say 16.

    Here's me. CMSPs don't guess, I know some of you know my age! Cheaters!


    I will absolutely not be offended by anyone's guess, although I might pretend to be! :lol:
  10. Yeah I would be emotionally scarred for life if someone guessed me older than my real age!

    This one time, my sister and I were out shopping and the SA asked my sister how old her daughter was. First of all he was referring to me and we are sisters. Second of all, I am older than her. So wrong. So very, very wrong.
    She totally hates me now. J/k but seriously though.

    Oh... and I guess OP is 25. :sweatdrop:
  11. Hmmm - your avatar is hard cuz the sideas of your eyes and your forhead are cut off. I'm gonna say 19?

    I;m asying... 28?
  12. Nyria- 27ish

    OMGBlonde- 21ish

    AnneOnimiss- 41?... 43?... just kidding! :heart:
  13. Ooh that's true Nyria, I'll try find one with my whole head in lol..

    Ok.. This is actually the only pic I can find on my computer with my face/forehead mainly in it.. how bad is that LOL! Excuse the posing and 50lbs of makeup! Apologies if it's huge!

    Anneonimiss - I guess 27!
  14. Oh yeah also - no 'being nice' and guessing low to spare feelings - cuz that makes you a liar liar pants on fire (now you might guess my age at 12 LOL)
  15. 58? HA! j/k. you look like a 20 year old here. although somehow I thought you'd look alot more boring for some reason.