Guess It's Time To Introduce Myself!

  1. Hi! My name is Cyndee and I've been lurking here for about a month because I'm kind of shy and I keep meaning to post and haven't got around to it until now. I am SO glad I found this website - it's so great here and to have people that UNDERSTAND how important these purses are to us and why we have to have so many!! A lot of people including my husband just don't get it LOL!
    Anyway I am a true Kooba addict - I mean it is getting bad and I can't help myself LOL! I started with a black Jillian I got at Neiman Marcus during their 4 day sale and I got a GREAT deal on it and just loved it!
    From there I had to have a sand Jillian (summertime you know, and I just had to have this awesome bag in a lighter color!). Then a jade Chiara I got on eBay - but I couldn't stop there. I got a python-embossed Paige in antique rose (what a beauty!) and I fell in LOVE with Brynne. Because of you awesome gals I found out about marking down the Brynne and got an oak - but I REALLY wanted black. Well I got SO lucky because I was just checking the website and for just a few mins. 2 weeks ago they had some black Brynnes and I got one. Then there's my jade Lucy I really love and I SWORE that that would be it for awhile (my husband's still having a cow over the oak Brynne!)!
    WELL I was REALLY bad last night and went to eBay and bought a slate Lena - I've just been dying for one of those!
    And I didn't stop there - I bought the mocha Renee!
    So I'm thinking " What am I going to do?" I emailed the Renee seller and she was super sweet and had a good time laughing at me when I told her my husband would go into thermo-nuclear meltdown if another bag comes into the house and she agreed to mail it to my work place LOL!!
    The slate Lena - I think I'll tell him it's my bday present since it's coming up in Nov.!
    ANYWAY--sorry this is so long but it's great to find other gals to commiserate with about a Kooba obsession!
  2. Welcome to the madness, Cyndee! I know what you mean about the Kooba obsession. I don't have quite as many bags, but I did get three Koobas in about two weeks - two within two days! When the most recent one arrived, my husband started singing, "Once, twice, three times a Kooba." He thinks I have lost my mind.
  3. Hahaha!!! :wlae::rolleyes: That was ME!!! :nuts: Welcome to the insanity! You're gonna love it here! I'm glad that the Renee is going to a new TPFer!!! Yay!!!! :heart:
  4. Welcome Cyndee, you've come to the right place. We're all good encouragers :yes:. It sounds like you've done great and picked up a wonderful selection of Koobas. Congratulations. Don't forget to post some pics of your bags when you get a chance.
  5. OH MY....welcome....and to think I was holding back on revealing some recent purchases in case someone would think I have went absolutely MAD! LOL
    ...glad to hear there's others that think like me. (like....I wonder how many Koobas Shewolfy has bought in Maui by now...LOL)
  6. Welcome CynDZ! You will find comradery here among the fellow Kooba Hoarders. This is truly a fantastic group of women! Welcome aboard!!!

  7. Hi Cyndee,welcome, you have come to the right place!
    You sound like you'll fit right in! ( and I WANT PICS of those newly aquired beauties)!!!

    Your hubbie sounds like a good sport, and we can teach you some snappy comebacks to the "what, another bag?" question. We're veterans here, ready & willing to teach the new girls all the ropes...;)
  8. LOL, I loved that first post Cyndee, you sure do qualify as a true Kooba addict...And it was you who got JChiara's Renee, that's even better!! These girls are making my head spin with their Kooba buying, really can't keep up with it (or them) Anyway, great to have you here!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  9. You definitely qualify to be here with the rest of us. Nice choice of bags. You're going to love that Renee. If you ever decide to part ways with the Jade Lucy, I'm your girl.
  10. welcome, welcome! Yep, welcome to Kooba heaven, hehehehe. Don't worry, we understand and love to obsess amongst ourselves and enable eachother so we love you already!

  11. Cyndee - where did you get your Lucy? I love that bag (in Jade) so much and can't seem to find it anywhere now.
  12. now you need to post some "family" pics. Us girls LOVE them pics!!!!
  13. Welcome girl! Keep us posted on all your new treasures! And I would like to know as well where you acquired the Lucy??!!!! :wlae:
  14. Thanks so much everyone! You guys are great! Unfortunately I'm not the most computer savvy and while I just got a good digital camera not too long ago I've yet to figure out how to post pictures so I need to work on that and when I do I'll be sure to post my lovely little Kooba family.
    I got the jade Lucy from a consignment shop website called I think they advertise here too and their stuff if authentic. I had to scour the internet to find it though! I just decided I had to have one and it took some work so Good Luck!
    I really love it here and you are encouraging me to want more Koobas! I keep telling myself - NO - I don't need anymore - maybe this spring!! LOL-we'll see how long that lasts!
  15. I also wanted to add how much fun it is to turn on a friend to Kooba! There's a gal that comes in from time to time from a temp agency and she saw my jade Lucy and was asking about it! I told her about Kooba and awesome they and how they're all the rage so I just saw her the other day for the first time in a month and she walked in the door yelling "I GOT A KOOBA!!!". She bought a black Elisha and she's eyeing a few more!:woohoo: