Guess is the queen of imitation bags

  1. Browsing thru the Guess website. Look at all the inspired by bags they do!

    (a while ago i saw paddington bags there as well as prada logo bags with the jacquard leather).

    Here is the YSL Muse bag. More pictures to follow
    ysl muse 1.jpg ysl muse 2.jpg
  2. prada
    prada 1.jpg parada 2.jpg
  3. That's funny that you pointed that out...I've been seeing that lately as well! I never did like guess purses because I always thought they were so tacky.
  4. I don't like Guess bags, but I think there's other brands that are worse. The Sak is probably the worst copycat brand of all. I don't think any of their designs are actually theirs.

    I would never look at that second Guess bag and say "wow, what a Prada knockoff!" I probably wouldn't have even made the connection. But now that I look at it.....
  5. They don't look all that similar to me...especially the first example.
  6. I have never seen a Guess bag that I wanted, not sure why...
  7. Speaking of, I was at Old Navy today returning some stuff for my daughter and went browsing through women's. I wanted to start laugh when I saw a knockoff of the YSL downtown.
  8. Maybe I've been looking in all the wrong places, but every Guess bag I see has the big, blingy G on it, and I would never mistake any of them for a different bag.

    And I am often confused on why the big designers seem to copy one another all the time and no one calls them out on being tacky or copy-catting, but when lower-priced brands do inspired bags they are roundly condemned and put down. It seems that a $1000 copy is fine, while a $60 one is not. Interesting double-standard.

    Obviously, using a designer's name is illegal and copying a bag stitch for stitch is illegal, but again I would never mistake the bags listed above for the "originals" so I'm not sure how much harm I see in it.
  9. I was on 5th Ave yesterday and I swear I thought one of the Guess bags someone was carrying was a really REALLY bad Gucci knock off. It was so bad!

    HauteMama: You make a really good point and I agree with you completely. then again, I've also been known for saying "wow that looks like a really bad version of XXXX bag" regardless of who made it. I think for me, it depends on how well the inspired bag is done - they can be done classy or tacky. Unfortunately, from what (little) I've seen,IMHO a lot of the lower priced ones wind up inadvertently tacky. Though I have seen a few decent ones :yes:
  10. It's a double standard with such a long and rich tradition that it's become an accepted social norm.

    This came up in another thread, and of course I held forth on it :lecture: so I am going to practice good ergonomics and self-quote. Including the disclaimer. I am very fond of disclaimers. In fact, you could call me a pro-disclaimer extremist.
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  11. Aww, come on, give 'em a break. Copying is the norm in this business, on both ends- high and low. At least its not an EXACT copy!
  12. I love Guess bags; I have a few of them. Not everyone is going to spend 2000$ on a bag when they can spend 200$ on one they like more.

    I buy what I like, and I like Guess, too. Though right now my favorite Guess bag is in my closet while I break in my new Tokidoki.
  13. here are some more guess bags--YSL, Prada, dior and balenciaga. To me I definately see the inspiration. It's up to you how much you see the resemblance or not.

    i dont think its a "bad" thing that they copy..I mean I think it's better to get a guess bag that is inspired by the designer than an outright imitation, especially if you cant afford a designer bag. But guess is supposed to be a somewhat prestigious brand itself (considering how overpriced their stuff is for what you get lol) and whereas other designers are inspired by other designers and make it their own, it's pretty sad when a company only gets inspiration from copying others.
    balenciaga.jpg dior 1.jpg prada 3.jpg ysl muse 3.jpg
  14. I've never been a fan of Guess bags (they look cheap, IMO), but I do agree that there are copies and "inspired" bags all over. Guess is not unique in that respect. That nylon bag with the "Prada" triangle is pretty heinous, though. :sick:
  15. ive never been a fan of guess bags either.. a lot of girls from my work carries them. one of my friends who left to BU showed off to me her *new guess purse. it was rather large. like extra large! for no reason! and she spent about $110 on it... a little too much for my taste to be spending that much for a guess bag. with the way it looked and everything, tacky and all. i wouldve just wanted her to spend a few more bucks to get a (tacky) juicy bag. better than guess, imo.