Guess I'm dying and need....

  1. ban or not sure what... I've recently bought mono and azure cles and have on order azure speedy and MC heart.

    The bag I'm TOTALLY dying for is the grafitti alma; one is on Let-Trade, and I'm freaking DYING!!!!:yucky: :s :yucky:

    I want it soooo bad, but am putting in a partial closet for the bag I currently have... and, many other expenses...

    It's horrible when you really wanna be a collector. I adore that bag so much!

    Just had to say sooo...
    grafitti alma,jpg.jpg
  2. I just HATE it when I have my priorities in order.... ick....

    (want this bag) grrrrr.....
  3. Would you consider getting this bag now, since it is discont'd and putting your azur speedy on hold for now until you can swing another purchase....
    i feel ya! it's tough to resist the good deals...:shrugs:
    :heart: that graffiti alma-it's you! and your perle vernis accessories will look great with it!
    ok, i'll stop now, i'm alreadt assuming you are buying it, i'm terribly sorry....i'll go now....:shame: :push:
  4. LOL! Just to be irresponsible once, huh?
  5. Yikes....would it be bad if I called SA and stopped azure speedy??? I would still be on order for MC heart... If azure is really hyped and we will always be able to get it... just wondering if maybe Michellle is right, I should get off the list... the alma is the bag I really really want... and it IS a good price.... oh lawd help me...
  6. Don't you hate it when you have to choose when you want all of them..

    I am not helping..that alma is gorgeous..I love it in that color..I agree with Michelle, it will go very well with your perle cles..and does Azur speedy..tough..
  7. if you are still getting the mc heart, i don't think they'll have a problem with it.
    i'm not always so sure of the etiquette with these wait lists, maybe someone who has done this longer, will know.:shrugs:
    wouldn't want you to get black listed.:sad:
    you can always go for that down the road and prob will not even need to be waitlisted once it's out for awhile longer.:smile:
  8. I think that would be totally fine...especially since azur is perm. and in such high demand now.
  9. Well, it's all too late. I bought the alma:yahoo:

    I guess, that really I could sell one of my bags to cover the cost if I want... I said I buy two bags this year, one used and 1 new...

    maybe I should just chalk it up to life is short...

    I can always sell the alma, I'm sure, if I need to...

    It's FABULOUS... and, so is azur, I'll stay on waitlist...

    but, no more! ban for me!

    Thanks guys, this IS the IT bag for me, it's true... it's real art...:love:

  10. Yeah, I am so happy for you! That's awesome!!!

  11. me too! tanks!!!

    ps: Louis is getting neutered today!!!:graucho:
  12. LOL...that's quite a segue!
  13. Oh Veronika - I'm sorry, you sound so much like me.

    Get the Alma, you're just going to obsess about it until you do.

    That Graffitti print is a BEAUTIFUL bag.
  14. thanks queenmab, not to worry, I got it, now I can worry about the $$$ lol. Like I said, I'll sell something if I need to. I just have grafitti pochette and have adored it for years. Have wanted the alma forever!!! hiphip hooray...
  15. Congrats Vee..
    poor got your it bag and he is losing his it..