Guess I need to cross those fingers...Damier pochette saga

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  1. Hi all
    Well yesterday I told you about the arrival of my Damier pochette, how I was keeping my fingers crossed. Well, I needed.
    I happened to check up on its progress and it was noted that it had been delivered at 11;25. (grouched about this earlier) I went down at 11:45 and no notice, or trace of any delivery. Checked with package room, they no Oh, NO FEDEX here. Check at five. Called FEDEX to complain, they said they would contact the driver. I was upset, I thought it had been stolen. Called Eluxury to advise of possible theft and instructions on what to do. Was around in and out. BTW they were very sweet and understanding, and she contacted FEDEX. No update to site. So had to contact again, CSA at FEDEX contacted her manageer who contacted the driver. They said delivered.

    Went to back to package room and found nice accomodating guy; also had Christmas bribe, or uh gift in my pocket. He didn't see the box, but gave me access and I spotted it. So happy ending, here. Be vigilant and track your package like a hawk if your using FEDEX delivery. The bad thing is, Eluxury has it set up so that packages under 500 do not have to be signed for. A 50 dollar pin (I am making this up, but you get the idea) is not the same as LV, especially when it is a very popular item. A signature should be required.
  2. A signature is suppose to be required for $500+ purchases but when I ordered the damier speedy 25 from eLux my hubby never signed for it. Someone crossed off the "signature required" line. Luckily someone was home to get it and they didn't just leave it on the porch. I'm not a FedEx fan as they rarely get anything I've ordered to my front door. I was shocked that they found my house that time!!
  3. You know, I had found other complaints about FEDEX on the Internet...their imcopetence spans across the globe. Had much better luck with UPS or USPS. Asked elux about alternatives and there weren't any in my case.
  4. I'm so glad it turned out well, but it makes a person nervous about delivery.