guess i got carly just in time

  1. holt renfrew in town had had one black med carly in stock since july. i bought mine on nov 20th. i was just at the dentist, and the hygenist was like "omg where did u get that? i went to get one at holts and they said there were none!" she had gone in on dec 1st and they told her they couldnt get her one. she handt known the name of the bag so i suggested she call and ask them to order her a carly.
  2. Great timing! Congrats! I am sure you will get a ton more compliments
  3. good timing!
  4. congrats! :yes:
  5. wow.. you mean it was there from July to November and then you got it? I can't believe it was there THAT long.. good timing! :tup: