Guess how many Gucci in this picture?

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  1. Hi guys,

    My name is Benny, from Singapore.
    Nice to meet all of you. I m new here so just want to post a topic to intro myseft and also want to give u a little bit time to relax in the weekend :P

    So could u find for me how many gucci in this picture (That is my collection, its still have more until now :graucho:)


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  2. Hi Benny, welcome! I think I spy 7 Gucci...
  3. ^yup 7!
  4. Hello and Welcome to tPF and the Gucci sub-forum!

    I also spy 7!
  5. I spy 8... hahha.. didn't count the gucci shopping bags.. haha
  6. I am going for 8 also....
  7. Welcome! I'm going with 8!
  8. I counted the eye glasses case so I got 9? However my math is not that good. LOL
  9. I stand corrected! It is 8! That white guccissima on the right hand side threw me off (thought it was part of the bed!)

    1. Black GG Plus Item
    2. Gold Sunglass Case
    3. Black Sunglass Case
    4. Gucci Belt with GG Buckle
    5. Gucci Belt with Crest Buckle
    6. Beige with White Trim Mini-French Wallet
    7. Black New Britt Wallet
    8. White/Cream Guccissima
  10. 8
  11. What a cool bed that would be!
  12. :nuts:
  13. I say 8
  14. I counted 9.................:confused1:
  15. OK, I thought everyone was not realizing one belt was LV since I didn't see the white either!