Guess Friends & Family (in-store & online) - 30% off - 12/1 to 12/3

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  1. thank you!!! Love Guess clothes!
  2. this is a such a great deal on top of their sale selection right now! thanks!
  3. Sweet...thanks for posting!!!
  4. This is great! Thank you!
  5. Is there also one for Marciano?
  6. wow...thx a lot for posting!
    i'd buy gifts for my guess-lover friend there:smile:
  7. this code dont even work:confused1:
  8. Thank you SO MUCH :yahoo:I was actually planning on getting a new watch there today!!!! :nuts:

  9. Doesn't it start on the 1st?
  10. yea todays the first lol
  11. did you try in-store or online? because i plan to go to the store tomorrow...
  12. i tried online with the code.
  13. maybe you can only use the online code once?
  14. Yah on my thing it says you can only use it once, as well as the coupon.