Guess Carrie pumps - need sizing help

  1. Today I finally received my Guess "Carrie" pumps. Does anyone here have experience with this style?

    While they're absolutely beautiful, I'm not sure if they're going to work out. I ordered them in my usual size (9), and they pinch quite bit at the little toe. I rarely have to go up a 1/2 size, even in pumps, but I haven't bought a pair of 4" pointy toe pumps in ages.

    There's no way to tell how these normally fit from the Zappo's reviews. Some say to go up a 1/2 size. Others suggest going DOWN a 1/2 size (or even a whole size)! Some people say they tend to fit snug when new, but they stretch out over time. I'd call what I'm experiencing a bit more than "snug."

    My toe box area is a bit wide, but I'm not sure going up 1/2 size would even help. If the shoe is too large, won't my toes just slide down into the pointy area anyway?
    Guess Carrie.jpg
  2. i'm new to the forum so i don't know if it's too late and you've already sent the shoes back - i have these shoes in the floral pattern and i absolutely LOVE them - i usually fluctuate between and 8 and a 8 1/2 - but have these in an 8 and they fit great, the 81/2 actually slipped off at the heel area. i also have really wide feet - but i don't find they pinch any more than regular pointy shoes. I do find they're really HIGH though which takes a bit of getting used to - mine have actually stretched out a bit on the sides (wide foot) and now they fit perfect. b/c they're high heels, and i really only have a 4 hour threshold in them, and about an hour of constant walking) hope that helps an itty bitty bit :smile:
  3. Angie,

    Thanks for the reply. I did already send them back. I exchanged them for a 9.5 in black (which was my first choice color anyway). The black is definitely more comfortable, but still not perfect. I'm wide in the toe box area, but oddly, I rarely have these problems with pointy toe shoes. I have some pointy 3" pumps from Steve Madden that fit flawlessly. I even have some very pointy (and very cheap) 4" stilettos from Newport News that are very comfortable. I think it's just that the last Guess used for this style does not agree with my feet.

    My heel does not slide out of them, even with hose on, so I think that's a good thing. However, I noticed that the leather is creasing in a strange manner on the inside of the right shoe - right near the ball of my foot. That could be a further indication that they don't fit properly.

    I did get them from, so I have a year to decide whether to keep them or not. :smile:

  4. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the carrie shoe!!!! I have them in black, white, and gold. I find they fit so well and are perfectly comfortable for such a high heeled shoe. jj69 - I hope they grow on you!

    Angielahlah - You're so lucky to have the floral patterned Carries! I really wanted them, but couldn't find my size anywhere...*sigh*...
  5. sharbear- i see that you're from Toronto - have you tried "The Bay"? I actually got mine there! you wouldn't think they have high end shoes at the Bay but they totally do!! i did get mine awhile ago - probably in around March - but you never know - maybe pop in one and take a look - they probably would only be in the bigger stores, like at the Eaton Centre, Yorkdale, Sherway or Square one. (i'm originally from mississauga)
    i also love BCBG girls "Katchen" style for the pointy toed stiletto (also really reasonably priced and super comfortable!)
  6. Thanks for the tip angielahlah - I actually work for Hbc, so most of my recent shoe purchases have been from The Bay, including all my Guess and BCBGirls shoes!!!

    The floral Carries are long gone by now...ah well...enjoy yours though...they're soooooooooo cute!!! :love:

    I don't have the Katchen style, but was eyeing the faux croc style that was out late last year...
  7. I have the "Carrie" pumps in black, leopard and gold. LOVE them all. I got my regular size (8) and they fit just right - nice and snug. HATE it when my heel slips out so easily.

    btw - Have you girls seen the Charles David "Peak" croc style or Carlos Santana "Wicked" pumps with the lacing? bet you would LOVE then too if you like the Carries.
  8. no i haven't seen those two styles you were talking about but they sound hot! where can i get them? i love Zappos and - but they don't ship to canada :crybaby:

    i'm on the lookout for some gold shoes for some reason - but a kinda burnished gold - i was looking at the BCBG gold linen ones, just b/c the katchen style is so comfortable. but i'm definately into the funky coloured shoes, after having way too many black and brown shoes! (hence the floral carries) *sigh* i just love shoes...
  9. The closest place I've seen Carlos Santana or Charles David is in Buffalo unfortunately...over the border... I haven't tried either brand yet myself though...
  10. Oh you really should - the wicked pumps are absolutely to die for! Here! Just take a look at them -

    and heres a link to buy them off the net -

    Carlos Santana Women's Wicked Shoe - Free Shipping

    good luck!

    wicked shoes_iaec1020707.jpg wicked top shoes_ifec1020707.jpg wicked back shoes_ieec1020707.jpg
  11. Wow...those are HOT...look at that heel!!!!!!!!!!