Guess by Marciano Coat

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  1. Has anyone seen this in black anywhere? Nordstrom used to have it online but it's sold out...

    general opinions about the coat or similar styles also welcome! I've never seen it in person so if anyone knows about the quality, warmth, etc. let me know. TIA
  2. Cute coat! I haven't seen it anywhere though.
  3. really cute style. i saw a juicy one in nordstrom...though it was more of a sweater style than an actual coat.
  4. I saw that coat too on Nordstrom..and thought it looked great. But I don't know where to find it..sorry.
  5. apparently nordstrom is the only place to get it right now so i think i'll wait for them to get it and if not just get the pink color!

    I'm so dumb that when it was on anniversary sale for $109 I didn't order it because i was hesitant but once it sold out i was like "I have to have it!" but nordstrom live chat person said they should get more because it's been really fingers crossed.
  6. When in doubt. Call up a GUESS store and ask them about it. They've always been very knowledgeable about their products and probably can have it shipped to you.
  7. Nordstrom has it back for sale online...
  8. ^^^ do you have a link??

    it's a really cute coat!! i've seen stuff similar to that at the rack before and a juicy style, although it's made from a sweatshirt like material (which kind of ruined it)
  9. does nordstrom ever have coupon codes?